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Laboratory of Genome Sciences

At this laboratory we aim to clarify various life phenomena, biodiversity and life’s evolutionary processes by performing information processing and comparative analysis of genome information, that is, the entire genetic information of living organisms.

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Laboratory of Information Biology

We focus on the information of the blueprint of life, or genes, and proteins as the research materials to study their structure, function and evolution to reveal how they constitute life. By exploring the universe of a human body and other organisms, we aim to establish a new discipline of science applicable for medicine, drug discovery and agriculture.

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Laboratory of Cellular and Tissue Engineering

In our laboratory, we investigate the spatiotemporal behaviors of structures and functions of cells, which are the basic unit of life, from physics and information science points of view. Especially, we are interested in how cells feel forces and behave in response to external forces by using bio-nanotechnology such as scanning probe microscopy and related techniques.

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Laboratory of Magnetic Resonance Engineering

The goal of this laboratory is to develop new technologies and approaches in the biomedical studies by applying physics and electronics technologies to biomedical problems.

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Laboratory of Neural Control Engineering

We consider a living body as a huge system with many functions, and clarify the extremely characteristic and elaborate functions of the body by various engineering techniques to enhance welfare for disabled and elderly people.

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Laboratory of Biomedical Engineering

We conduct research and education on humans by applying information science and engineering technology to directly contribute to medical treatment through the development and upgrading of diagnostic/treatment technologies and the cultivation of professionals who can support such development.

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Laboratory of Bio-nanophotonics

At this laboratory, studies on light-matter coupling processes and photochemistry related to light energy conversion are conducted, in search of bioengineering.

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Laboratory of Bio-nano Imaging

At our laboratory, we use advanced X-rays such as synchrotron radiation and free-electron lasers to conduct research on the imaging of new worlds that have been invisible to date.

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