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Information for Applicants

Master's Course and Doctoral Course (The August 2018 Exam)

Before applying, please inquire directly to make sure that the area you wish to study accepts applicants.
The application will proceed through the application procedure when it receives the consent of the faculty member of the desired area. The Application Guidelines (Booklet), which will be sent to the applicant after the faculty member’s consent, provides the details of application procedure.
Also, there is a preliminary examination of the applicant's eligibility prior to accepting their application. See section 3 for information concerning the preliminary examination and section 5 for the application document.
The results of the preliminary examination will be announced on May 22 (Tue), 2018. The candidates who pass the preliminary examination are required to pay the examination fee (30,000 yen) during the period explained in section 4.
The application will be rejected if the examination fee is not paid by the required time.
Please contact us via e-mail at the following address if you need information not covered in the following items.

2. Application Qualifications
  • Master's course
    • Students who have completed, or will complete by September 2018, a course of 16 years of formal education or its equivalent in a foreign country.
  • Doctoral course (final term)
    • Students who have received, or will receive a Master's degree or its equivalent by September 2018 from a university in a foreign country.
    • Students who have completed a course of 16 years of formal education in a foreign country and will receive a Master's degree by September 2018 from a Japanese university.
3. Period of the preliminary examination of the applicant's eligibility
  • From May 7 (Mon), 2018, to May 11 (Fri), 2018. (The period is the same for both the master's course and the doctoral course.)
  • For Master's course, the submission deadline for TOEIC/TOEFL score sheet is July 26(Thu), 2018.
  • Applications sent by mail must also arrive during this period. Applications will be received from 9 AM to 5 PM.
4. Application acceptance period
  • Applications for Master's course will be accepted in the same period as the preliminary examination.
  • Applications for Doctoral course will be accepted from June 1 (Fri), 2018, to June 8 (Fri), 2018.
  • Applications sent by mail must also arrive during this period. Applications will be received from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., excluding Saturday, Sunday and national holiday.
5. Application documents
  • The application form, resume and the examination admission card (with a photo attached) *Forms are included in the guidelines.
  • Statement of Reasons for Application on the sheet provided (for master's course applicants), an abstract of your Master's thesis (for doctoral course applicants)
  • Academic transcript from the applicant’s university (undergraduate and graduate school*) * doctoral course applicants only.
  • Certificate of (expected) graduation/course completion or a copy of the diploma of the university most recently graduated from.
  • A letter of recommendation from your supervisor in the university most recently graduated from.
  • Proof of Japanese ability (Voluntary submission by master's course applicants)
  • A copy of the Resident Card with your present address on it (Foreigners who have been in Japan for less than three months or foreigners outside of Japan may use their passports.)
  • Two self-addressed envelopes and correspondence seals including name, address and postal code. (use the envelopes and seals included)
  • If you take the entrance exam for our master's course, you must submit a certified copy of your score sheet of the TOEIC/TOEFL (scores are valid only within two years of the entrance exam date). NOTE: if you take the optional foreign language test in Japanese, you are exempted from this requirement.

Research Student Course

Application Guideline (PDF)

Please refer to pages 2-6 of the guideline for details. This guideline is updated every November for next year's applicants.

  • 060-0814 Kita 14 Nishi 9 Kita-ku Sapporo
    In charge of educational affairs,
    Graduate School of Information Science and Technology Division,
    Hokkaido University
    FAX : 011-706-7890
    (+81-11-706-7890 from overseas)
    mailto : kyomu-t@ist.hokudai.ac.jp

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