Course delivery methods in the spring term (from April 14th (Tue) to June 12th (Fri))

The courses provided by the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology (IST) have started since April 14th (Tue). However, all of them will be offered online until May 8th (Fri) to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection. Face-to-face courses will be allowed from May 11th (Mon). Please ask each instructor regarding the course delivery method after May 11th (Mon). Note that if the spread of coronavirus infection does not subside even on May, courses may be offered online even after May 11th (Mon).
All of them will be offered online until the end of the spring term (June 12th (Fri)) to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection.

[Schedule of the 1st semester in 2020 academic year]

  1. The spring term is from April 14th (Tue) to June 12th (Fri). All courses are offered online. Face-to-face courses will not be offered during the spring term.
  2. The summer term is from June 15th (Mon) to August 7th (Fri).
  3. The period for makeup classes is from August 11th (Tue) to August 17th (Mon).
  4. Although July 23rd (Thu) and July 24th (Fri) are national holidays, the courses will be offered.
  5. Some of the courses that are originally scheduled in the spring term may be re-scheduled in the summer, autumn or winter term. Please refer the homepages listed below for more details.

In order to access each course group on the ELMS system, course registration is needed. (You can access the registered course group from the next day of the registration.)

Course registration period is from April 13th (Mon) to April 27th (Mon).
Your registration information can be modified by yourself during the registration period.

Please refer the following homepages.

Common Subject (subject of project management)

Course titleSemesterInstructorCourse delivery method
Project Management Basis 1st semester Kazuhisa SUEOKA The method will be announced in the course group on the ELMS system. The course will start after May 11th, however the schedule has not been fixed. Please refer the WEB page for the schedule of the course. The course will be offered online using a remote conferencing service ZOOM. In the course, group discussion will be conducted in the Breakout Room of the ZOOM. If you do not have a microphone, please contact the instructor.
The e-learning service on CEED is offered for adult graduate students.

Common Subject (subject of integration of humanities and sciences)

Course titleSemesterInstructorCourse delivery method
Ethics (Lecture) 1st semester Nobuo KURATA The course will start on May 12th (Tue).
Patent for scientists 1st semester Hiroshi YOSHIDA The course will start on May 12th (Tue) and end on August 18th (Tue).


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