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Net Journal 3


Explanation 1: Meme

A meme represents a "cultural gene," and is seen as the knowledge and culture of mankind that evolves and is inherited while going through a process of self-replication, natural selection and mutation like the genes of living things. While the advance of computers and media gives end users the freedom to edit various types of multimedia information, more importance has recently been placed on prompt distribution and exchange (not only for multimedia information but also for various tools and large amounts of experience data) in an interdisciplinary and international manner. In Professor Tanaka's laboratory, research is conducted on meme media and meme market architectures that facilitate the review and redistribution of memes accumulated on the web.


Explanation 2: Piazza

A piazza is equivalent to a bazaar or a market that provides a place to exchange and trade pads and boxes. Spaces to open markets can be established on the Internet, and everyone can freely exhibit tools and documents in each space. Users can access the space in accordance with their needs, and can import objects exhibited there into their own environment in pad format. Professor Tanaka's laboratory named such spaces piazzas and conducted research and development of their architecture.


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