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Net Journal 5


Explanation 1: 21st Century COE Program

This was launched in FY2002 as a project (Grant-in-Aid for Forming Research Locations, etc.) of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology according to the guidelines for reforms at universities. Its purpose is to form world-class research and education bases in Japanese universities, to promote the improvement of research standards and the development of creative human resources to lead the world, and to facilitate the international competitiveness of universities. In FY2002, Meme-Media Technology Approach to the R&D of Next-Generation Information Technologies was adopted as a subject at the Graduate School of Engineering. With Professor Yuzuru Tanaka as the project leader, we have integrated the technologies of knowledge media, quantum nano-structures and intelligent communications for research and development of a quantum-integrated circuit with a new architecture, IQ chip technology with a communication function (achieved by using the circuit), and knowledge media technology (achieved using these chips).


Explanation 2: Semi-structured data

These data do not have a predetermined format, although they themselves have structure in the same way as XML data with a tree structure. In the case of tree mining, characteristic partial structures are found as small tree patterns from the semi-structured data existing in a tree formation.


Explanation 3: FREQT high-speed discovery algorithm with performance guarantee

FREQT uses the world's first polynomial time algorithm, known as rightmost expansion. If it is set to add new peaks (red parts) only on the right side when adding tree elements, tree structures for all patterns can be generated automatically (Fig. 2). Besides tree data, a variety of combinations can also be listed efficiently. There has even been a case where a tree structure was constructed from a Japanese document through a natural-language processing technique, then had FREQT applied to it to perform text mining. It is expected that FREQT will be applied in a variety of fields as a high-speed, robust and highly general-purpose algorithm.

Tree Mining
Fig. 1: Tree Mining

Rightmost expansion
Fig. 2: Rightmost expansion


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