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Net Journal 6


Explanation 1: "Small world" and "scale-free"

"Small world"
A "small world" network is a concept advocated by Duncan J. Watts and Steven H. Strogatz, and indicates a property of networks that only goes through a few relay nodes to go from one node to another arbitrary one.
A "scale-free" network refers to the state in which only a few of numerous nodes are linked and vast amounts of links are concentrated on those few nodes. A group led by Albert-László Barabási investigated the number of links on Websites and found that the distribution of Websites having numerous links and those with only a few links is an example of power distribution (also referred to as the long tail). There are many cases of power distribution in the natural world and the World Wide Web is believed to have properties applicable to the laws of nature.


Explanation 2 (Fig. 3): Local Clustering Organization (LCO)

The LCO algorithm is based on the Riccati equation with which global improvement is materialized through repeated randomly selected local improvements. Fig. 3 shows the optimization of a route covering 4,900 points using the LCO. Calculation requires only several tens of seconds.

Local Clustering Organization (LCO)
Fig. 3: Local Clustering Organization (LCO)


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