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Net Journal 7


Explanation 1. Genome database

Many databases on genome information analyzed by universities and research institutions around the world can be found on the Internet. Efforts are also being made at constructing integrated databases for the efficient use of these different databases. An example is the Integrated Database of Annotated Human Genes (H-InvDB), which is an integrated database of human genes and transcripts. Through this database, extensive analyses of all human transcripts are carried out to comprehend gene structure and other features of human genes and provide curated annotations of human genes and transcripts.


Explanation 2. New deep-sea species exploration project

Under a collaborative research project with the School of Fisheries, we take samples of mud from the deep seabed and analyze genetic information from various living organisms isolated from the mud to explore new species.

Photo 1. ROV (remotely operated underwater vehicle) used for deep-sea exploration


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