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Net Journal 8

Induce serendipity and encounter what you’re looking for

――How will these technologies change our lives?

長谷山 美紀教授

Haseyama: Searches using keywords are constrained by the user’s skill and values. Image Vortex and Video Vortex automatically present search result candidates found by a search engine in groups of images (or videos). One image or video spurs a cascade of associations, and from time to time you will discover new relationships that you haven’t anticipated. I think this is a groundbreaking system that will promote serendipity.

Currently, the system is centered on visual and aural information, such as images, videos, music, and sounds. However, if other human senses (smell, taste, touch) and emotions can be represented with numerical values, then human awareness and behaviors can be analyzed in further detail.

If such a system can permeate society as an infrastructure, then it will transcend the boundaries of information science and become beneficial to all sorts of fields and industries. I think we can anticipate it becoming a tool for understanding human beings and analyzing society.


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