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Net Journal 8


Explanation 1. Image Cruiser, the Next-Generation Imaging Grouping Technology

Based on the distance scale defined by Image Vortex, Image Cruiser is an interface that achieves high-speed visualization of images. The technology encompasses a vast amount of images, and the user can arrive at the desired image easily and quickly. The current system enables a service that supports 1 million images.

次世代画像クルージング技術 Image Cruiser
(Figure 1) Image Cruiser, a next-generation image grouping technology


Explanation 2. Video Vortex, the Next-Generation Associative Video and Music Search Engine

Shown in the lower left-hand corner is the video selected by the user. Videos with similar video characteristics are shown on the upper left-hand corner. In the lower right-hand corner are videos with similar music and audio characteristics. None of the videos are tagged. Video Vortex makes automatic recommendations by computing and comparing video and audio feature quantities. As the user selects videos shown in the interface that are close in similarity to their own images, more videos with similar images and music/audio are recommended by Video Vortex. A network of associations proliferates, leading to discoveries unattainable with just keywords.

次世代連想型映像・楽曲検索エンジン「Video Vortex」
(Figure 2) Video Vortex, the next-generation associated-based video and music search engine


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