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Net Journal 9

Amassing experience to create engineering beneficial to society

――What do you want students to learn through research activities?

竹本 真紹准教授

Takemoto What I keep in mind in my research activities every day is “it doesn’t end with just simulations.” We must also be sure to carry out productions and trials.

Even if something perfect could be created in a computer, unless it is actually produced in real life, it can’t benefit society. I want students to not simply pursue analysis or simulation data, but to also experience the importance of making prototypes with their own hands.

We engineers are called upon to constantly create new things. But new ideas don’t just appear out of the blue. You draw out new concepts by making new discoveries from the experiences and knowledge you have gained, combining them, and looking at them from a new angle. I want to nurture engineers who are intimately familiar with this art of production.


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