This laboratory studies electronic nano-materials aiming to create a technology-base which realizes new electronic and optical (photonic) functionalities.

Behavior of electrons and light (photons) in the electronic nano-materials are studied and will be understood from viewpoints of electronic engineering and solid-state physics.

Then, Photoelectron conversion devices such as an energy-saving light emitting diode (LED) and laser are developed using those nano-materials, and new functionalities, and plasma simulation for device integration is studied.

In this laboratory, there are graduate students in Division of Electronics for Informatics, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, and under-graduate students in Course of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Department of Electronics and Information Engineering, School of Engineering, Hokkaido University.

Crystal Growth by Molecular Beam Epitaxy under Ultra-High Vacuum

Ultra-high purity semiconductor crystals to use for LEDs and lasers.

Ultra-Fast Electron-state Spectroscopy

Electron and the spin states, the dynamics in the time range from femto- (pico-) to nano-second.

Numerical analysis of Process Plasma

Characteristics of process plasma, applied to manufacture processes of semiconductor-device integration.