About Us

Listening carefully to the voice of the times, the Division of Media and Network Technologies creates new technologies supporting person-to-person and person-to-computer communications.

Technology that integrates communication with computers as symbolized by the Internet plays a pivotal role in the information revolution that is supporting contemporary society. This means that the integrated combination of information communication networks and computers, and the seamless integration of person-to-person and person-to-computer communications. In line with these changes of the times, there is an increasing demand for engineers specializing in the three fields of communication network technology, computer technology and information media technologies.

The Division of Media and Network Technologies provides advanced-level education in these three specialized fields to foster professionals who will lead cutting-edge technical development in the near future.

This division is engaged in education and research on methodologies, environments, systems and devices to achieve fast, accurate and smooth person-to-computer, interpersonal and inter-computer communications. The division is comprised of four research groups, namely, Information Media Science and Technology, Information Communication Systems, Ubiquitous Network, and Media Network Sociology, aims to promote research and development in line with social circumstances where computer networks are ubiquitous due to the integration of communication and computers and the utility form of information media has become diversified.