Spintronic devices, which are based on the manipulation of the spin degree of freedom of the electron, have attracted much interest as future-generation electron devices, because of their potential advantages of non-volatility, decreased power consumption, and reconfigurable logic function capabilities. A highly efficient spin source is essential for spintronic devices. Half-metallic ferromagnets (HMFs) are characterized by an energy gap for one spin direction, providing complete spin polarization at the Fermi level (EF). Because of this characteristic, HMFs are one of the most suitable spin source materials for spintronic devices. We recently demonstrated relatively high tunnel magnetoresistance (TMR) ratios in magnetic tunnel junctions (MTJs) with half-metallic Co-based Heusler alloy electrodes. Moreover, we achieved an efficient spin injection into a semiconductor channel from a spin source of Co-based Heusler alloy electrode for application to a spin transistor. These achievements provide basic technologies for both green electronics and quantum information system utilizing the spin states.

  • Half-metallic ferromagnet
  • Magnetic tunnel junctions using Co-based Heusler alloy electrodes
  • Spintronic devices using spin injection into semiconductor

Spintronics, half-metal, Co-based Heusler alloy, magnetic tunnel junction, spin injection, spin transistor, non-volatile memory, nuclear spin polarization

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