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Message from the Dean | Graduate School of Information Science and Technology Hokkaido University
Information Science into Today’s World!

   Established in April 2004, the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology is still relatively young. Over the 10 years since its foundation, the terms information and information science have taken on different meanings. Today, information refers to more than just data stored on computers and on the Internet. The variety of tangible and intangible information types around us include those found in nanomaterials and in the genes of humans and other organisms, as well as those that drive energy networks and social infrastructure. Accordingly, the roles expected of information science have changed profoundly in recent years. Previously, its primary goal was to support the acquisition of useful information and data as promptly and adequately as possible. Today, however, it is necessary to sift through masses of information to find the data required.

“Science” toward Truth!
“Technology” for the Enrichment of People’s Lives!

   A major characteristic of the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology is the symbiotic connection it provides among diverse research fields, including areas other than information science such as nanotechnology and life science. As its name suggests, the school focuses on science to elucidate truth and on technology to enrich people’s lives.
   Rather than simply viewing information science as a subject of academic pursuit and research, the school seeks to provide students with a strong grounding in the field that will serve in the development of new concepts and technologies in order to make society even more affluent. Our research encompasses a wide range of fields including computer science (encompassing both hardware and software), nanotechnology, LSI systems, network engineering, multimedia, genetic science, life science, robot engineering, social systems, and electrical and electronics engineering. A variety of interdisciplinary research collaboration and integration is under way on campus, including projects involving researchers in nanotechnology, information processing, robot engineering and life science. These efforts produce results through initiatives such as the Global COE Program (to establish a center for next-generation information technology that supports knowledge creation) supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan.

Education and Promotion for Global Leaders in the Next Generation!

   To support further research development and expansion, the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology was reorganized into five divisions in April 2014. These are the Division of Computer Science and Information Technology, the Division of Electronics for Informatics, the Division of Bioengineering and Bioinformatics, the Division of Media and Network Technologies, and the Division of Systems Science and Informatics. The school strives to create new research fields by further promoting interdisciplinary collaboration while continuing to support research in a wide range of disciplines as per its original mission.
  In the field of education, the school promotes internationalization to nurture professionals who can play active roles on the world stage. As part of these efforts, it encourages overseas study and hosts outstanding students and faculty members from abroad in its work to help students develop global perspectives and engage in close personal exchanges. Efforts will also be made to expand the curriculum in a way that will encourage international ways of thinking among students.
   The school places priority on research globalization through plans to internationally highlight the themes and results of its research programs and to promote collaborative studies with research institutions abroad. Plans are also being made to improve the school’s educational support and research guidance for universities and research institutions in Asia, and to spread the interdisciplinary collaboration and integration efforts nurtured on campus to the rest of the world.

New Challenge, Best Effort and Enjoy Life with Positive Thinking!
Message from the Dean | Graduate School of Information Science and Technology Hokkaido University

  The Graduate School of Information Science and Technology welcomes even students whose ability with computers is limited. It supports the ambitions of those with a passion for biology, physics or chemistry and those aspiring to create something new. Students are encouraged to make unprecedented developments in cutting-edge research facilities under the guidance of world-class faculty members. Activities include a wide range of in-depth research covering areas from nanotechnology to the universe, and also incorporate work with specialists from various fields transcending divisions and laboratories. Research results are publicized worldwide, and students build their careers as researchers at overseas research institutions. The school provides an environment where students can engage in research along such career paths. Young researchers willing to take on new challenges and make inroads onto the world stage are expected to thrive at the school and after graduation.

Do your Best! Never give up!

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