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This Graduate School has five divisions, enabling students to acquire in-depth expertise in their individual areas and collaborate to gain a broad knowledge common to all divisions.


Graduate School of Information Science and Technology

Divisions Research Groups
Computer Science and Information Technology Synergetic Information Engineering
Knowledge Software Science
Mathematical Science
Large-scale Information Systems (Cooperation Chair)
Electronics for Informatics Integrated Systems Engineering
Advanced Electronics
Quantum Electronics and Informatics (Cooperation Chair)
Bioengineering and Bioinformatics Bioinformatics
Advanced Biofunctional Engineering (Cooperation Chair)
Advanced Medical Engineering (Cooperation Chair)
Media and Network Technologies Information Media Science and Technology
Information Communication Systems
Ubiquitous Network (Cooperative Chair)
Media Network Sociology (Cooperative Chair)
Systems Science and Informatics System Creation
System Synthesis
Informatics for System Evolution (Cooperative Chair)
Informatics for Remote Sensing (Cooperative Chair)
Informatics for Digital Human (Cooperative Chair)

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