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The Course of Computer Science and Information Technology focuses on research and education of next-generation IT including AI that can demonstrate intelligent behavior, software supporting knowledge retrieval and creation, and new models and theories established through the mathematical analysis of real-world data.
The Course of Electronics for Informatics focuses on education and research in innovative hardware and supporting software and information processing technologies, including the development of new electronic and optical devices using nanotechnologies and quantum phenomena, next-generation information processing systems and architecture using AI, and their integrated systems.
The Course of Bioengineering and Bioinformatics focuses on research and education aimed at developing science and technology in relation to life, mankind, and healthcare making use of computer technology, nanotechnology, and other advanced technologies. It seeks to open the way for bioengineering and bioinformatics as new fields of study.
The Course of Media and Network Technologies focuses on research and education in innovative audio/video media processing using AI, big data analysis, and other advanced technologies and in high-speed, large-capacity next-generation communication systems as an essential information infrastructure.
The Course of Systems Science and Informatics focuses on research and education in creating, deploying, and integrating social infrastructure systems based on system methodologies using design, modeling, planning, simulation, control, and sensing methodologies.

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