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Education Philosophy

Purpose of the Graduate School

The mission of the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology is to contribute to the evolution of a highly sophisticated information society, which leads to the emergence of a knowledge-based society. The school supports graduate students study a legacy of theories in information science and technology and pursue new theories to become IT engineers with a broad range of knowledge and international perspectives. It also aims to nurture IT researchers capable of using their creativity to conduct research and development projects on their own

Goal of Education

A notable advantage of the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology is the promotion of extensive education and research from the basics to the application of information science, including next-generation information systems, information media, computer science, hardware technology, communication technology, system science and life information. We offer a double-major curriculum in which students can take the course of their specialty as the major and study another field as the minor. This enables the acquisition of extensive and advanced knowledge and research ability based on state-of-the-art academic research.

The aim of the Master's Course is to educate students to be engineers with sophisticated expertise, basic research ability and the intellectual capacity to support future knowledge-based society in various ways and play active roles in the global community.

The aim of the Doctoral Course is to train students to be leaders of world-class research and development. Students choose another field as the second major to broaden their perspectives, deepen their expertise to the highest level of learning and acquire the ability to conduct creative research activities independently.

Admissions policy

We admit undergraduate students from within and outside the university who specialize in information science and have a strong will to earn a master's or doctor's degree, and graduates who are trying to further improve their research capabilities and are aiming to obtain a doctor's degree while playing an active role in society. As a graduate school open to the world, we are also willing to accept international students. Special screening for working people and international students is scheduled twice a year for admissions in April and October.

The admission examination for the Master's course consists of tests in language and specialized subjects. The written test of specialized subject is conducted to measure the proficiency levels in basic and specialized subjects related to the field of each major course. However, since it is our policy to open the door to a wide variety of students, we give applicants the freedom to choose their specialized subject tests.

The admission examination for the Doctoral course includes an oral test with emphasis on judgment of research capabilities, in addition to written tests of language and specialized subjects.

There is also a system of exemption from written tests for students of high scholastic standing and those who have conducted sufficient research and development activities in corporate environments.

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