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Requesting Transcripts, Certificates of Completion

Send the following completed Request Form together with a self-addressed stamped envelope

Transcript/Certificate Request Form

Print out the Request Form and provide the following information :

  • Name (include Roman characters)
  • Date of birth
  • Current address (where to send certificate(s)), home phone number, work phone number
  • Degree and date completed
  • Student ID number
  • Type of certificate(s) required
    Japanese and/or English versions
    Transcript, Certificate of Completion
    Other certificates: Certificate of Period of Enrollment, Certificate of Credits Earned, etc.
    (Contact us in advance regarding other types of certificates.)
    If you use a different form, be sure all required information is covered.
  • Number of copies required
  • Intended use (Note that if a Certificate of Credits Earned is needed for a particular qualification, please tell us specifically what the requirements are.)
  • Submit to

Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope

  • Envelopes should be pre-addressed and with the correct postage.
  • If requests are made from overseas, please provide International Reply Coupons.

Approximate turn-around time

Once request is received
Japanese certificate, about 3 days
English certificate, about 1 week

Please allow sufficient time for surface mail.


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