Nanomaterials and Nanoscopy laboratory, D2


There are mainly three reasons why I choose to study here. Firstly, Japan is attractive to researchers all over the world because of its top-class research capacity. Hokkaido University is one of the best research institutions in Japan. In here, I have the chance to work with the best scientists and use advanced experiment equipment, which are fascinating. Besides, I am personally interested in Japanese culture. Since my middle school period, I have become a big fan of Japanese animation. I was always dreaming to get a chance to live in Japan to experience its splendid culture. Thirdly, I love facing challenges. Doing PhD is challenging, doing PhD abroad is much more challenging. However, life without challenge could be boring. My Master’s thesis is about photonic science, I thought combining photonic science to nano-level detection would be interesting and challenging, thus, I entered the laboratory of Nanomaterials and Nanoscopy where has the condition to conduct this kind of research.


My research is mainly concerned with Tip enhanced Raman spectroscopy (TERS), a state-of-the-art detection method which oversteps optical diffraction limit by combining traditional optical detection method with atomic force microscopy, possessing both high spatial resolution and chemical analysis capability. TERS is an ideal technique to study heterogeneity of nanomaterials. However, problems such as poor reproductivity and short lifetime of TERS detection probe are still unsolved. My work is to improve the TERS probe fabrication method to achieve higher stability, reproducibility, and further improve the spatial resolution as well as detection limit. Then, apply the advanced TERS technique to study some new nano-materials, such as some state-of-the-art 1D “van der Waals-wired” materials which is regarded as promising candidates for ultrasmall electronic components.


In the future, my first step would be finding a job in a Japanese company after graduation. During studying period, I explore the world of science, while during working, I will be able to touch the real Japanese society. The experience of studying here is one of my treasures, and I am sure the experience of working in Japan will be another. Nowadays, the world is an indivisible whole, and the trend of globalization cannot be reversed. International cooperation is becoming much more important. I want to make my negligible effort to promote international communication using my multicultural background as well as language skills, and create profit to the human society using my specific knowledge.