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Our research focuses on micro/nanomaterial integrations based on electrical, material, mechanical, and neural engineering. The contributions of the research are “translational nanotechnology” to show the possibilities of a combination of top-down and bottom-up nano/micro materials and their device integrations.

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Two fume hoods have been installed! Now it is time to re-start our research at Hokkaido Univ.
pH sensor using CNT-based ISFET has been published in Advanced Materials Technologies.
The paper about sweat sensor to monitor ion concentration and perspiration rate has been published in Advanced Functional Materials.
Dr. Sudipta Kumar Sarkar joined our group as a JSPS postdoctoral fellowship! (August 1st, 2023)
Dr. DoHoon Lee joined our group as a postdoctoral fellow! (August 1st, 2023)
Dr. Shuying Wu visited us and delivered a talk! (July 27th, 2023)