Laboratories-Laboratory of Information Communication Networks

Outline of the Laboratory of Information Communication Networks

With the aim of constructing information communication networks that help achieve a cozy society and a comfortable life, high-level education is provided and research is conducted, both in terms of hardware and software, on real-time processing methods for multimedia information, including sound, and the design and development of total information communication systems and networks that send a great amount of digital data by wireless at the Laboratory of Information Communication Networks. The two major research themes are (1) speech information processing – the development of new noise-robust speech recognition technology that allows speech to be recognized in any environment, and the LSI of such a system; and (2) wireless communication networks – design of a massive parallel high-speed wireless data communication processing system and the LSI of such a system.

Visual introduction of research

Research and development on noise-robust speech recognition technology/system

To achieve a speech input interface that can be installed in information appliances, factory equipment, robots, etc., research is conducted on noise-/echo-robust speech recognition technology and the LSI of such a system.

Research and development of low power consuming, high-speed wireless communication systems

To speed up wireless data communications, for which there is a growing demand, we work on the design and development of a wireless communication system with over gigabit transmission (1 billion bits per second) and conduct research on the system’s LSI design and low-power technique.

Development of next-generation e-learning and virtual laboratories

We work on the development of a next-generation e-learning and virtual laboratory that enables advanced remote/international education and practical research by using the latest information communication networks and multimedia technologies.