Laboratories-Laboratory of Media Dynamics

Outline of the Laboratory of Media Creation Methodology

Holographic display

On the Internet, e-mail, Messenger, the World Wide Web, blogs and other media are used for person-to-person and person-to-computer communications. With the aim of creating more user-friendly communication media with new values, the Laboratory of Media Creation Methodology conducts research on 3D imaging, CG, digital rights management, etc.

Visual introduction of research

3D imaging

Research is conducted on holographic 3D displays that create stereoscopic images. This research leads to the practical application of future 3D computer displays, 3D TVs, 3D TV conference systems, etc.

CG application

It would be fun if you could enter a drawn picture (pop-up) and play with friends. In this way, we use computer graphics to conduct research in various fields and for various purposes.

Digital rights management

Research is conducted on technologies to protect the copyright of digital data content and to restrict the use and duplication of such content, as exemplified by digital watermarking and video scrambling.