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Outline of the Laboratory of Media Dynamics

Laboratory of Media Dynamics

The Laboratory of Media Dynamics researches sophisticated human audiovisual recognition mechanisms by constructing mathematical models focused on the characteristics of multimedia signals. The spread of high-speed Internet networks and the development of large-capacity storage media have now filled our lives with many diverse multimedia signals, such as music, images and videos. Our laboratory performs research on human audiovisual property-based recognition systems, restoration algorithms and next-generation coding systems. The goal of this research is to extract information from the vast amounts of diverse data and communicate that information to others effectively. Furthermore, we also contribute to the advance of science and technology by investigating real-world applications of our research, for example by proposing next-generation multimedia systems that understand music, images and videos as well as humans do.

Visual Introduction of Our Research

Image/video Restoration Technology

Images and video footage deteriorate due to various factors, such as snow, fog, raindrops, blurring and shaking of the camera. Image/video restoration technology can remove such deteriorations with a high degree of accuracy by modeling them mathematically.

Image/video recognition technology

Under most circumstances, our eyes allow us to recognize what is around us, and what it is doing without much trouble. Image/video recognition technology is based on this human recognition mechanism and enables machines to understand the object depicted in an image and the situation that object is in with a high degree of accuracy.

Customized Video / music Recommendation System
Easy Finder

In general, we obtain music and videos by searching for those that we like and then purchasing them. Easy Finder, a customized video/music recommendation system, can efficiently recommend music that the user would like based on their multimedia content playback history and other data.

Next-generation Still Image Retrieval System
Image Vortex

It is now extremely difficult to efficiently search and find a desired image from the myriad of images on the Web. As a solution to this problem, Image Vortex, a next-generation still image retrieval system, provides unprecedented associative retrievals.

Next-generation Video / music Retrieval System
Video Vortex

The amount of multimedia content available on TV, the Internet and other media is exponentially growing day by day, making it more and more difficult to obtain desirable content accurately and efficiently. Video Vortex provides a next-generation associative video/music retrieval engine to resolve this situation.