Laboratorie-Laboratory of Language Media

Outline of the Laboratory of Language Media

The goal of the Laboratory of Language Media is to build and apply an engineering system that has the same language ability as humans. Computers that speak and understand language and translate English as humans do must have the same intelligence as humans. To acquire knowledge, computers have to use language as humans do. Without human common sense and emotions, computers are just emotionless systems and end up causing problems to humans. The computers we aim to develop are not just emotionless cold machines, but can be our friends that can cry, laugh, joke and act with common sense.

Visual Introduction of Our Research

Computer acquiring language

The mechanism by which infants naturally learn language has yet to be clarified, but various studies have been conducted so far. We are now constructing a system that implements a similar learning and cognitive process to that of humans and that can be used in existing computers. This system will enable robots to learn the name and color of an object and understand the meaning of a verb based on images and speech they experience by conversing and interacting with humans.

Computer that understand and can make jokes

This laboratory aims to develop robots that live with humans. Such robots must be partners or family members rather than helpers. Our ideal system will enable robots to understand human emotions and encourage them to form trusting personal relations. Developing a computer with a sense of humor is one of the themes.

A talking car navigation system that picks up many pieces of information

The key for the future of widely used car navigation systems is the combination of analysis of the latest information and a natural conversational interface. If you talk to your car, the system collects information from the Internet or other means and helps you to drive efficiently. Our ideal is a system that skillfully listens to people’s needs and then gives easy directions.

Artificial intelligence vacuum cleaner that understands the world

Without commonsense knowledge about the world, even a simple robot like a vacuum cleaner can cause trouble. However, this knowledge is so enormous that it would be impossible for the robot to ask the user everything. This system enables vacuum cleaners to find the common practice on the Internet and use such knowledge to clean the room.

Chatbot for an enjoyable conversation

A task-oriented dialog system is already possible. However, we are now constructing a system that not only processes knowledge and emotions, but also stores users’ preferences in its memory and learns about their interests based on the idea that car navigation systems, home-care robots etc. should have a humanlike capacity to chat with users.