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  • Super-resolution fluorescence and Raman microscopy
  • Observation on dynamics of single molecules
  • Endoscopy to directly access single molecules
  • Nanoparticle-based drug delivery system


  • Professor: Hiroshi Uji-i
  • Assistant Professor:  Tomoko Inose
  • Research Assistant:  Shizuka Hirakawa
  • Administrative Assistant: Chigusa Kitai
  • Graduate Students:
  • Undergraduates:  Natsuki Hori, Shuhei Uezono, Kiri Watanabe


Bionanotechnology, scanning probe microscopy, optical microscopy, single molecules, photochemistry

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To the laboratory website

Feel free to visit us to our laboratory, which is located on the North Campus of Hokkaido University.  For direction, please visit our website.


Please contact Professor Hiroshi Uji-i ( via email.  You may also call us or send us a fax at the numbers below.

Tel.: +81-11-706-9410

Fax: +81-11-706-9406