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pic:Mahmoud Rasly

Hardware Architecture Design and Optimization of Real-time Enhancement and Haze Removal

Course of Media and Network Technologiess

Kasauka Dabwitso(2019.07.18 upload)

pic:Mahmoud Rasly

The era of spin based electronics and quantum computation systems

Course of Electronics for Informatics

Mahmoud Rasly(2018.02.19 upload)

pic:Namo Podee

The Revolution of Real-time Computer Graphics Application

Course of Media and Network Technologies

Namo Podee (2016.02.10 upload)

pic:HongJie Zhai

Combinatorial View of Big Data

Course of Computer Science and Information Technology

HongJie Zhai(2015.11.05 upload)

pic:Laura Pantó

Genome research of human and monkey adenoviruses

Course of Bioengineering and Bioinformatics DC the third year

Laura Pantó(2015.01.05 upload)


Developing the LSI system for the future

Course of Electronics for Informatics MC the first year

XIE KAN (2014.6.26 upload)