Division of Computer Science and Information Technology

Research Group of Synergetic Information Engineering

Research Group of Knowledge Software Science

Research Group of Mathematical Science

Division of Electronics for Informatics

Research Group of Integrated Systems Engineering

Research Group of Advanced Electronics

Nanoscale Electron Devices UEMURA Tetsuya Professor
Nanoelectronics SUEOKA Kazuhisa Professor
Optical Processing and Networking TOMITA Akihisa Professor
Nanomaterial Science TAKAHASHI Yasuo Professor (specially appointed)
Nanoelectronics KOGA Takaaki Associate Professor
Optical Processing and Networking OKAMOTO Atsushi Associate Professor
Nanomaterial Science ARITA Masashi Associate Professor
Nanoelectronics Agus Subagyo Associate Professor (specially appointed)
Nanoelectronics HATTA Eiji Assistant Professor
Optical Processing and Networking OGAWA Kazuhisa Assistant Professor
Nanomaterial Science FUKUCHI Atsushi Assistant Professor

Division of Bioengineering and Bioinformatics

Research Group of Bioinformatics

Genome Sciences WATANABE Hidemi Professor
Information Biology ENDO Toshinori Professor
Medical Informatics(visiting) IMANISHI Tadashi Professor (visiting)
Genome Sciences KOYANAGI Kanako Associate Professor
Information Biology OSADA Naoki Associate Professor
Information Biology SATOMURA Kazuhiro Assistant Professor (specially appointed)

Research Group of Bioengineering

Division of Media and Network Technologies

Research Group of Information Media Science and Technology

Research Group of Information Communication Systems

Division of Systems Science and Informatics

Research Group of System Creation

Research Group of System Synthesis